The birth of a convenient and comprehensive fitness membership.

FitKey is about helping you find and manage the fitness life that makes you happy, through discovering new classes, studios, and fitness activities. With easy online and mobile booking, FitKey keeps your routine interesting.

When two Americans, Evan and Josh, first came to South Africa, they searched far and wide on the great vlei of the internet to find a fitness life that would be both convenient and comprehensive.

What they found were lots of contracts and class packages that needed a South African bank account. Many studios had old class schedules, broken links to events and a general lack of information and options. It felt like a barren wasteland with few inspiring watering-holes.

So, they signed up for a contract at a big box gym. The gym was very nice and life seemed to proceed happily, but they were locked in.

If they wanted to go to a yoga – they had to find a studio, and that was extra. When Josh wanted to go to a CrossFit – he had to find a box, and that was extra. When Evan hurt his back and was prescribed Pilates – he had to find a studio, and that was extra.

Before long they were pouring money into fitness activities like crazy! No one should have to do that! There has to be a better way! So they sat on top of Table Mountain and had a good think…

FitKey is what they came up with - a new type of membership that gives you access to fitness classes at any gym or studio across South Africa.

It could change you

We’d love for you to give it a try, and let us know if it’s made you happy!

Evan Walthers
Former fat kid turned fitness enthusiast, Evan wants to help South Africans achieve the same type of body and life transformation he experienced. Born in Ohio, USA and cut his teeth in the media and tech worlds in NYC, Evan moved to South Africa after falling in love with the country on a two week vacation. Evan’s parents are excited that he’s finally putting his expensive Cornell University education in human biology focusing on nutrition and exercise science to use with FitKey.
Joshua Shimkin
Since 2003, Joshua Shimkin has held positions in marketing and business development for political campaigns, marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he co-founded FitKey, an app that lets you book fitness classes in South Africa. He led business development and marketing for Marvel Entertainment's Digital Media Group. During his tenure, he oversaw businesses including digital publishing, e-retail, online video and virtual goods. He has also invested in startups within media and B2B software. Joshua received an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business.