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It's time to Shake off the lockdown calories and bring out the glow. From doing a Salsa to breaking it down with Hip Hop to the streets to Kwaito and not forgetting the sexy Latin American dance moves. We will turn this lockdown into dropped down and brought out the glow. NB: Class must be booked in advance or at least 1 hour before the class begins.

Studio Information

My name is Cindy Abrahams, professionally known as Shake It With Cindy (S.I.W.C). Based in Cape Town, I operate and run a brand activations company as well as teach group exercise classes for various gyms. I have opened my own dance studios where women are able to gather together, socialize, burn calories, get their sweat glow on and tone up those bums and tums. I feel the need to offer people that unique, specialised experience that everyone deserves. Focusing on getting the results you want, working with you through the difficult and challenging times, getting you ahead and keeping your eye on the prize. The times we are currently living in, allows us to either go online to purchase what we want, or we can step outside to train in a gym or park.


FitKey at Home
You can attend this class from the comfort of your home.

Friday, 03 December

09:00 - 10:00

Bookings close 1 hour before

Studio Information: Shake it With Cindy

  • 0607662748
  • info@siwc.co.za
  • Epworth Church Hall, Carwell Road
    Eden Klein
    Cape Town